Windows Spotlight Quiz

Windows has emerged as one of the most popular and commonly used operating systems for PCs, desktops and even smartphones. Over the years, it got transformed into various new pursuits enriched with user-friendly and robust characteristics. Well, in the Windows 10 edition, Windows Spotlight is an excellent feature to provide beautiful and attractive wallpapers to the users. Apart from the marvelous collection of eye-catching wall-papers, it comes with a bunch of fun-facts, games and facts. One of them is commonly known as the Windows Spotlight Quiz. This is not going to pop up onto your lock screen you lock it, but you might come across it randomly. 

To enable any fun-fact and quiz on your Windows 10 PC, you need to enable this feature on your system. For enabling the Windows Spotlight feature, you need to follow the given instructions:

  • Go to the taskbar and open All settings

  • After the search bar opens, look for option called Personalization 

  • Choose Lock screen from the listed options 

  • When asked for the choice of background, refrain from using any other option and try to keep it as Windows Spotlight.Windows Spotlight Quiz

  • Now, when the screen is locked, the user is asked the opinion regarding the picture 

  • Select the “I like it” option in case of liking the picture and “Not a fan” if you don’t like it 

  • Remember, Clicking on “Not a fan” changes your preferences. So, try another method if you want your preferences to be same as before.

What is the Windows Spotlight Quiz?

Windows Spotlight Quiz is an amazing feature introduced some time back. This feature comes randomly when the user locks screen and is quite interesting. The main features of this quiz are:

  • There are some MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) associated with the current spotlight image on the screen 

  • Once they are answered, the page fetches the user to the the bing web search page about that location and will display information about that picture.

Windows Spotlight Quiz

What makes the Quiz worth playing?

You might be thinking why to go for this quiz. What is so special and unique about it. There is nothing so special and unique about it. But yes, you can play this quiz for these advantages:

  • The first advantage is that the information about any place that might be useful or interesting 

  • The player can win Microsoft Reward points that can later be used in the Microsoft shop 

  • The points won can be redeemed by the user 

  • These can be donated by the user to any organization 

Apart from these points, there are many more interesting features of this quiz. So, enjoy a distant tour of some interesting places around the earth while sitting at your home! 

Prerequisites for playing the Windows Spotlight Quiz

When the user locks the screen on windows 10, there are a number of questions about a random place displayed in the wallpaper. Sometimes, there is a quiz that opens with a set of some objective questions. That is the place where you can play the Spotlight quiz. You can play it in some simple steps given below:

  • Firstly, you need to have a registered account with Microsoft

  • There are around 3 to 5 objective questions with 3 choices regarding answers 

  • For every option selected,, there is an explanation 

  • There are certain points or rewards for every question answered correctly 

  • Even if the answer goes wrong, there is a bunch of facts that describe the reason for the correct answer 


Accessing and playing the Spotlight Quiz

Now that the important things that need to be kept in mind about the game have been discussed, this is the turn to know how to access and play this game, Execute the below given steps to enjoy the quiz:

  • After locking the screen, when you see the “Take a quiz” option, just click on it 

  • In case of security sign-in, log into the system 

  • After the sign-in, Microsoft Edge opens and automatically redirects to the quiz page 

  • Once the page opens, there are certain objective type questions 

  • Just go through them and click on the option that you feel right 

  • There would be some information about every option you choose 

  • In case your answer is correct, you would be rewarded with points 

  • This quiz can be played with friends and acquaintances 

What are Microsoft Reward Points and what to do with them?

Here the game is over and in case, the user is a winner, he would be rewarded with certain points, known as the Microsoft Reward Points. To earn them, all you need is to play the quiz with a registered account. Keep in mind that these rewards are available only in few countries namely, 

  • United Kingdom

  • France

  • Germany

  • United States

  • Singapore

  • Canada

  • Australia 

  • Netherlands 

  • Brazil 

  • Italy 

  • Hong Kong

  • Sweden

  • Norway 

  • Spain 

  • Japan 

  • Mexico 

  • Taiwan

  • Republic of Ireland 

No matter, these rewards are available in the above-mentioned countries only, yet playing this quiz can be fun and a source of entertainment simultaneously. Windows Spotlight Quiz

With Microsoft Reward points, the following can be done:

  • They can be stored account in the account of the user and need not be purchased from the Microsoft store

  • In case the users wants to donate them, it can be successfully done 

  • The user can redeem them at the Microsoft store or use it on gift cards 

  • These could be redeemed at Starbucks, Hulu, Burger King and Walmart gift card

Share the quiz with friends and acquaintances to play with them and let them earn reward points. Moreover, wouldn’t it be a fun activity to involve all the friends and known in the quiz? 

Possible errors in the the Windows spotlight Quiz 


Since the spotlight quiz is a feature that is not common as others, there might be some problems or instances of inconveniences that might impact the normal functioning of it. These are some common problems that the user might encounter despite the best efforts:

  • All such problems begin from the lock screen that has the windows Spotlight feature enabled on it

  • These problems are faced by the Windows 10 users 

The most common of the problems faced by the Windows 10 users is often stated as “Windows Spotlight Quiz not opening after starting” 


The root causes of this problem are enlisted below: 

  • The first cause might be a faulty internet connection that might be blocking the communication with the server 

  • The browser on the PC might be outdated or the quiz might not be easily accessible in that particular browser

  • Since there are some restrictions that come with terms and conditions, there might be a problem of region 

  • The accessing of this might be confined to some countries and the user might be out of the eligible zone for accessing the quiz 

  • There might be a language problem preventing your access to the games 

  • The connections can go wrong thus preventing the user from playing the quiz 

  • If the problem faced by the user doesn’t pertain to any of these causes, he must look for the manual verification and repairing of the problem 

Method to cope with problems

As the root causes and other factors have been discussed that lead to the problem of the quiz not opening after it has been started once, now is the turn for solutions. As it has been told in the last point of the above-mentioned paragraph, the user might have to look for the problem himself. As a result, the resolution methods have to be discovered or formulated by the user. For the common problems and known causes, the tips have been given below:

  • Since the first cause of the reported problem is an internet connection with fault, it can be mend either manually or through the assistance of a technician 

  • In case of the browser problem, the cause may be the restricted permissions towards the Bing search engine. Check out the browser settings and enable the Bing search to be processed to avoid the problem. 

  • The most obvious cause is that to have access to this quiz, you must be situated in a country where the entire system of Windows Spotlight quiz and Microsoft Reward points is common to be used by all.

  • Some problems might persist after the execution of these strategies. These are directly linked to the hidden issues and therefore, the user must look into it and try the manual repairing of the issue.


How to retrieve the Windows Spotlight images?

The Windows Spotlight Quiz is an interesting game and it becomes more playable with the rewards earned by the players. Let’s not forget that this is a part of the Windows spotlight feature. The best part of this feature is the images that are displayed at the lock screen. Now, what if the images need to be retrieved? Here are some easy steps through which the user can retrieve the images:


  • Go to the File Explorer and press start to see the icon that displays the collection of documents in the form of an enclosed folder.

  • Open the files with the help of the link and you will see a directory that opens up in the File Explorer window 

  • Since the entire pictures seen over there are used by the windows content delivery system, there might be a confusion regarding the identification of the spotlight images 

  • Click on the Home tab of the File Explorer window and see a ribbon toolbar 

  • Press Select all from the toolbar and copy the desired files

  • In the left-navigation pane, click on the Quick Access button and then finally, click on Desktop 

  • Again click on the Home tab and let the ribbon icon appear 

  • Create a new folder where you would keep the copied collection of images from the file directory opened previously 

  • Keep in mind that each pasted picture in the newly created folder must be renamed before it is finally copied into the folder or moved to any other location.Windows Spotlight Quiz

  • Since every file pasted needs to have a JPG extension, these would be difficult to be renamed altogether

  • The series of steps begins with again clicking on the Start Button 

  • Then Type CMD and then “Command prompt” opens. Click to launch that application 

  • After these steps, a black window appears. Type CD%Userprofile %\Desktop\ Pics 

  • Through this command, you will be migrated to the newly created folder that comprises of the files that we pasted earlier

  • Type DIR and press return to confirm the action done 

  • Type Ren*. **.jpg and press enter. This would get all the image files to have an extension hat would common to all

  • These steps lead to the successful saving and viewing of the images in the future

This might be possible that all the images are saved into a known collection and the folder. However, sometimes the accessing of the images would be difficult as their identification would be difficult. To mark them as separate, go through these steps and execute them:

  • Get back to the last folder where the copied Spotlight images were carried

  • At the File Explorer window. Click on the view tab

  • Find the button saying “Extra Large Icons” after opening the view tab and press it

  • This would bring the saved images to be appreciably larger and then it would help in the easier identification of the images 

  • These are the steps through which the saved images would get a common extension and also their identification has been made easier 

What is the Windows Spotlight sticks at one image?


The case of the images in the Spotlight might not always be clear as they might get stuck at a place. This is one of the most common problems faced by the users of the Spotlight feature of Windows 10 Operating system. You need to check out for the existence of the following causes:

  • The first obvious thing is the fault in the internet connections 

  • This might be caused due to the fault in the wire connections 

  • If operating via hotspot or wifi, then look for the problems over there 

  • Computer internet settings or Firewalls, must be checked to review the internet connection 

  • The Application connections in the Spotlight must be checked for the abnormalities 


Resolve the image sticking problem through these methods

The various reasons that might be responsible for the problem of the Spotlight lock screen sticking at a single image have been mentioned above. Here are some suggestions to get rid of them as soon as possible. Besides the images, there are many more things of user’s interest that include some fun-facts and questions answers platform as the Windows Spotlight Quiz. now, the solutions to the problems are given below:

  • Modify the internet connection settings as in the absence of the proper internet connection, Spotlight would be unable to fetch images from Bing 

  • For wired internet connections, make sure that LAN is plugged into the computer 

  • Sometimes, even the well-connected LAN would be shown as damaged in the network settings. In that case, look for the damaged LAN wire. 

  • Look for strong connection when connecting through mobile hotspot or wifi

  • Then, look for the settings in the Firewall settings. Make sure that the spotlight is not turned off. 

  • Further make sure the inbound and outbound rules are followed.

  • The Firewall settings must be well-maintained 

  • Finally, check the status of the settings pertaining to the Spotlight feature.

  • To check the status of the settings, Go to the search bar located at the taskbar and type “gpedit.msc” and proceed with the enter button

  • Then Microsoft Console Documents Menu opens up. Click to expand the window in a larger view. 

  • Go to the Computer Configuration after the completion of this operation 

  • Click on the option “Administrative Templates”

  • Go to the Control panel and open the Personalization folder

  • Look for “Preventing changing lock screen and Logon image settings” on the right side of the windows 

  • Select the value to be disabled and confirm the action by clicking OK. 

The Quiz is simple to play. Just a few questions and it would land you to an unexplored and interesting corned of the earth. If you are lucky enough, you would definitely get rewards that you can use for purchases from the Microsoft store. Moreover, you can get rid of these inbuilt features through the steps mentioned above. If you need to know more about the updates and upcoming features, stay tuned with the official website. 

How to disable the fun-facts, ads and Windows Spotlight Quiz?

 The entire aspects of one of the most common features of the Windows Spotlight, the Windows Spotlight Quiz have been discussed. This is quite interesting, reward-giving and informative.all the pros of playing this quiz have been mentioned in the upper sections of this article. However, not everyone may like it and hence, there are some steps to temporarily or permanently disable the ads and quizzes popping up on the Spotlight enables lick screen. They can be removed from the lock screen by a successful implementation of these steps:

  • Right click on the Desktop and select Personalize.

  • Make sure to select Lock screen option from the left menu.

  • Move to the computer menu, located in the middle of the section 

  • Then, select the image from the drop-down menu 

  • Get all the fun-facts and others from Cortana and Windows on the lock screen by toggling it with the help of toggle button and switch off the button. 

  • From the drop-down list, look for the Windows Spotlight option and select it.

These steps are for the complete removal of the fun-facts, ads and the Windows spotlight quiz appearing on the windows 10 lock screen. The requirement may always not be to get rid of them. Hence, the user must keep in mind that once these steps are followed exactly, all the features would disappear. If the user requires to switch the Windows Spotlight feature off, then these steps would help:

  • Since every customization begins from the Settings application, go to the settings app and click on Personalization.

  • Click on Lock screen and then you would see a prompt requiring a selection for the background.

  • Make sure to select either picture or Slideshow for the background.Windows Spotlight Quiz

  • After these steps have been followed, you are sure to have the entire Windows Spotlight feature disabled for good- until you need to enable it or activate it again. Follow the same procedure to enable it or activate it again. 

More ways to disable the occurrence of the ads and fun-facts

 Sometimes many methods are employed to get rid of the incoming problems. Yet, they may not work. In that case, you need to go for additional methods that fetch you the required results. Hence, similarly, the incoming ads and  fun-facts can be removed with these alternate steps: 

  • Go to the Search bar and type “Lock Screen”

  • After the lock screen opens, change the background choice to anything else than the Windows Spotlight.

  • Moreover, then make sure to toggle off the button that displays the displaying of fun-facts, ads and quizzed via the Windows Spotlight. Windows Spotlight Quiz

  • This would be an easier way to get rid of the ads and fun-facts


Now, the aspects of the Windows Spotlight features for the lock screen have been discussed consisting of the ads, fun-facts and the Windows Spotlight Quiz, These are some good features provided by the windows 10. These features add to the quality and incorporate information in the user’s space. They are easy to access and entertaining too. The entire section has been dedicated to the features of Windows Spotlight and how to enjoy or deactivate them. Windows Spotlight Quiz is one of them and is really enjoyable. If you felt something remained in the above discussion, feel free to contact us. Our team comprises of skilled and learned individuals. You can report all your problems and get instant solutions. Feel free to contact us and enjoy unlimited counselling. Get in touch with us and let us help you in dealing with the problems. If you need more information about the Windows Spotlight Quiz, let us know. We would be happy to help you. 3