Bing Art Quiz

In today’s world everything has been updated. Same goes with the search engines. Amongst many search engines, Bing is one of them doing great for more than a decade. It is all about accessing all the exciting trivia that consists of the questions about various categories that fetch you rewards if you are lucky and provide an opportunity to test and grow your skills. With most of the categories being festivals, geography, events, news, entertainment and politics, one of them is art. The quiz features to know about this category is better known by the name Bing Art Quiz.  Along with this, if you love to explore and learn new things about space then you can play Bing World Space Week Quiz.

Bing Art Quiz

Why play the Bing art Quiz?

Art is considered as an important component of everything. It is one of the most asked categories on the Bing quizzes. You can gain insights about the sorts of sculptures, architecture and paintings that used to be a part of the modern architecture. You can test your knowledge without spending something from your pocket and instead, earn rewards if you answer the questions being asked correctly. Bing Art Quiz

How to play the Bing Art quiz?

You can play the Bing art quiz like any other quiz. The terms and conditions before you participate in the quiz are similar. You need to have an account registered with the Microsoft before you play this quiz as you can store the rewards won in your account and those can be redeemed later for further uses. Follow these instructions to play this quiz:

  • Open the Lock Screen and click on the “Play the Bing Art Quiz” prompt. 
  • Perform a secure login to your computer and then the page opens on the microsoft edge browser.
  • There would be some questions with multiple answers. You will have to guess and choose the correct answer. 
  • If all the answers are answered correctly, you can win rewards and store them in your account.
  • You can go for the Bing search i.e. searching the toolbar for any specific option for quiz such as the Bing Art Quiz or Weekly Bing News Quiz. 

Type of questions asked in the Bing Art Quiz

Since most of the questions asked in all the quizzes of Binf are related to the categories specified, the questions in the Bing Art Quiz are related to the art forms. The common art forms include the architecture, sculpture and paintings. These are some common questions you will find in the quiz:

      1.Which architect founded the Bauhaus school of design?

  • Frank Gehry
  • Walter Gropius.
  • I.M. Pei
  • Frank Lloyd Wright

       2.Who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

  • Henri Matisse
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Maya Lin
  • Frank Gehry
  1. Which one of these is not a well-known Indian sculptor?
  • Kumaradeva
  •  Henry Moore
  •  Ramkinkar Baij
  •  Krishna Reddy
  1. What animal often symbolizes peace in art?
  • Duck
  • Dove
  • Dog
  • Deer
  1. What was the subject of the earliest known paintings?
  • Flowers
  • Sports
  • Landscapes
  • Animal
  1. Which of these is a paint made from pigments and plastic?
  • Acrylic
  • Tempera
  •  Acetone
  • Gesso
  1. Early photographers made their images on which of these materials?
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Plastic
  1. To which artistic movement does Paul Gauguin’s The Yellow Christ belong?
  • Fauvism
  • cloisonnism
  • Impressionism
  • Bauhaus
  1. What does the Venus of Brassempouy represent?
  • A woman’s head
  • A human Figure
  •  An old man
  • An Angel
  1. What did I.M. Pei design outside the Louvre, in Paris?
  • Obelisk
  • Ziggurat
  • Sarcophagus
  • Pyramid

These are some types of questions you will get when you get to play the Bing Art Quiz. Aren’t they easy and look good? Yes, there are to depict the types of questions you will get on the game. You can play the game and earn reward points.You only need to have an interest.

Win Microsoft Reward points after playing the Quiz and redeem them for the later uses. You could use these points in many other places. 

Redeem the Reward points after playing the quiz

Bing Art Quiz

After you have finished playing the Bing Art Quiz and have been successful in answering the questions, you know that you have earned something- The Microsoft reward points. You can activate or redeem them to use in many places. Redeem the earned points with following instructions:

  • Login to your account and find your rewards.
  • You would find an option besides the rewards that would ask you to redeem the points. Well, you can click on that option and now your points are redeemed. 

After you have redeemed the points, you can now use the earned and redeemed points to get benefited with various brands and offers. In addition to them, these are some places where you might get the additional advantages:

  • Shop at the online Microsoft store and purchase the applications, games and movies. 
  • You can get discounts at the branded stores and shops like Amazon stores, Starbucks and other similar destinations.
  • Keep accumulating the points until they become a huge amount and use them later for making a big purchase from the store itself and enjoy other games that are relatively expensive. 
  • You can win many vouchers, coupons and gifts and use them for them for enjoying the various things.

    Bing art Quiz

The perks of playing the quizzes such as the Bing Art quiz lie beyond the rewards as they also help in testing your knowledge and awareness about the category specified. Keep playing this amazing stuff and know about your knowledge. Moreover, make it to reward points and share these with your friends.