Bing Halloween Quiz

What to do when we require certain information or when something clicks on the mind? The first thing that comes to our mind is tapping a search engine. The past decade has seen a major change in the trend of keeping up with what is happening around the world. Bing, innovated by Microsoft is one of the majorly used search engines. Earlier, it used to be a part of the MSN Search, Windows live search and Live Search. However, recently this application has come up with very interesting features. These are found once you reach the home page. To be concise, Bing Halloween Quiz is one of them.

Before diving into the details about the quiz, let’s know what else can be enjoyed on a Bing homepage. These are some of the most interesting features that make this search engine, more than just a search engine. Check out these features of the homepage:

Bing Halloween Quiz

  • Bing Homepage: This is the first page that displays on tapping for Bing online. Not only a page, it is a site for inspirational images, videos and wallpapers that might amuse the eyes. New, travel, entertainment and shopping insights make it more worth visiting. 

  • Bing Maps:They are an awesome feature that might be helpful to the users in navigating their travels. Moreover, one can access the nearby parking locations, ticketing counters, baggage claims and currency exchange.

What makes it worth surfing is the directory consisting of list of cafeterias, airlines and eateries. This feature records about 50 airports in the entire United State.

  • Bing Shopping: This feature displays great discounts and hottest ongoing offers in may cities.

  • Bing Mall Maps: Through this feature, there are directional aids for the users to get access to nearby malls and other places.

  • Bing Travel: This one is the one used to make airfare price predictions to help the users with their travel requirements. 

  • Bing Video: with the Smart Motion Preview feature of Bing, you can unlock a quite interesting video without actually visiting it’s site!

  • Bing Music: For those who find themselves attached, this page has a collection of some great artists from around the world. A single click would be enough to purchase your favorite track from i-tunes, Amazon mp3 and others.

  • FanSnap for Bing Events: Stay tuned with the best events and get access to their tickets at the best prices. Compare the view from your seat and enjoy the events. 

  • Bing Local: Reaching this tab ensures that there is some access to the information about a restaurant, or a similar place found in the local listing. Any link would lead to some useful source such as the customer reviews, location or anything else like that. 

  • Bing Everywhere for all devices: Bing is available for mobiles, i-pad and other devices with voice search through xbox, Local Scout and windows phone. 

These are some of the well-known features of Bing. Although there is much more to be offered, Let’s get back to our discussion about the
Bing Halloween Quiz. Halloween is a much awaited holiday and celebrated with great zeal in countries of the United States, Canada and Ireland. Le’s now read about the interesting quiz and methods to play it. All you need to do is to follow these instructions:

  • Open the browser and look for the official website of bing.

  • Once the site opens, locate the scholastic cap on the homepage.

  • Click on the Said icon.

  • As you land to the page, there is a question with 3 options. Once this is answered, you can automatically jump to the other ones. 

Bing Halloween Quiz

The questions included in this quiz are purely about the history and the method of celebrating this festival. These are some common topics that can include the questions:

  • The questioning might start with the roots of vegetables that are involved in the celebration,

  • There might be an interrogation regarding the venue of origin of it.

  • You could be asked about the expenditure of the festival.

  • There can be a question about the fear if celebrating the festival.

  • The dressing up and costume part of the festival might strike in the interrogation session.

  • There might be a connection to a certain character, related to some folklore. 

  • Finally, you might be asked about the treat and feast that you dine upon.


Once you complete the quiz, there are certain prompts that lead to other resourceful links. So, click these links in curiosity and enjoy free resources. The steps mentioned above are exceptionally easy to be executed. However, there is a restriction in terms of your geographical location that requires you to be in the USA. 

Earn Bing Rewards by playing the Bing Halloween Quiz

Playing quizzes and games is a fun activity that might interest the users. This becomes more interesting and worth playing when rewards are associated with it. Yes, this is right! Rewards are also a part of a simple quiz as the Bing Halloween Quiz. This reward comes in the form of points. The advantages of playing this Halloween quiz are:

  • The user would be rewarded with 10 Microsoft Reward points that can be used either for purchases at the Microsoft store or in the form of coupons providing huge discounts at the Burger King and similar brands 

  • This quiz would be a test of knowledge about this festival and eventually, enhance it through interrogations and answers later on. 

Bing Halloween Quiz

Since this festival is an annual occasion, this quiz can be played only annually. So, if this doesn’t open on searching or shows some error, that might be due to the unavailability of it in your country. Don’t miss it and make sure you are on time.

More ways to earn Microsoft Reward Points

Earning Microsoft Reward points is not confined to a quiz. It can also be done in many ways. The only thing you require is a registered account with Microsoft and certain conditions that need to be fulfilled, such as the geographical conditions. For instance, most of the features are available in the nations, namely the USA, Canada and others. Here are some more ways to win reward points:

  • The first and fast way to earn them is to use the Microsoft Edge. The advantage is due to the fast access to the server.

  • Use a device that has Windows 10 installed and activated on it. 

  • These rewards can be bought from the Microsoft online store.

  • Cortana can also be used to gather these rewards. 

  • There are multiple opportunities of winning on the page named, “Earn page” and “Points Breakdown” page. 

  • The Rewards app could be used to earn rewards 

  • You could stand an opportunity to win rewards through Xbox.

These techniques can be useful in earning rewards but certain terms and conditions need to be completed before they can be applied:

  • Bing must be set as the default search engine.

  • If using an Android app, better go for the Microsoft launcher for android.

  • Using Microsoft Edge could be a simpler way of winning 

  • These Microsoft Reward points have no cash value and $5 are somewhere close to 5000 reward points collected. 

  • These points have a limited validity of 18 months. They must be used up within this period or else they would turn useless. 

Coping with some common Bing Homepage problems 

There are numerous features that are accessible and enjoyable on the Bing homepage. It is good until everything runs fine. What is there is some error in running the homepage itself. Yes, it can happen in a number of ways and they can be random or known. These are some problems that the user might run into while working on Bing:

  • Inability to access and play the Bing Homepage quiz. 

  • Some other problems due to which the quiz might not be playable even after launching.

  • The geographical restriction that is the quiz can be accessed in the regions confined to the United States.

The underlying causes of these problems are common and can be easily sorted out by the user himself. Have a look upon the causes pertained to cause the above-mentioned problems. These instructions are enough to get rid of these problems:

  • The user might not be able to play the quiz and access other features of the Bing due to some settings that might be blocking the access. 

  • The user needs to check the location settings to remove the restriction. It must be verified and sooner set to USA for better accessibility. 

  • The internet connections must be checked as sometimes, weak internet is responsible for malfunctioning, despite appropriate settings and correctly entered geographical location.

Resolve the Bing Homepage Quiz not opening error manually

The main steps involved in coping with errors have been mentioned above. There is a smart and shortcut way to cope with these problems. Here, you can manually set up the preferences via execution of these steps:

  • Open the Bing homepage in your browser

  • Click on the icon located on the top-right corner of the homepage window.

  • Then there would be a list of options. Tap on the one that says Settings. 

  • Open Country/ Region settings 

  • Once the region settings have been opened, change the region or place to USA. Bing Halloween Quiz


This is the manual method for resolving the problem of the Bing Homepage not working. This also solves the problem of the Bing quiz not opening. Be it the occasion of Halloween or any other one. Since all the features are enabled in the USA, you must keep in mind that the settings must be in accordance with the rules and regulations. Otherwise, there would be a problem in accessing the desired features. 

Disabling the Bing Homepage quiz and other features 

Although the Quizzes such as the
Bing Halloween Quiz and others might be a source of recreation and knowledge to many, some can be disturbed by them. Don’t worry as here are some useful tips to help you get rid of these. If you don’t want more features, simply execute these steps and see how these disappear:

  • Basically, turning off the quizzes would require to turn off the Bing searches in the search bar. 

  • For that purpose, go to the taskbar located on the bottom of the window’s screen.

  • Tap the search bar and type “Cortana”

  • Go for “Cortana and search settings”

  • There would be an option saying that Cortana can give you reminders, alerts and suggestions.” Look for the switch option nearby and turn it off. Bing Halloween Quiz

  • Now, Cortana’s suggestions and reminders are turned off.

  • For turning off the Bing web search options, click on the switch option beneath the Search Online and Include web results tab. 

These instructions are enough to disable and pop-ups and features such as quizzes, fun-facts and others. Keep in mind that if you want to turn off these features, it would require the entire Bing search to be turned off, So, follow these only if you are fine with Bing search results being eliminated.

How to get rid of Bing on Chrome browser

Not all of the users might be using Bing with Cortana. Hence, there are some suggestions for the users who are using Bing with Chrome too. These steps are recommended to be followed if using Chrome to run Bing:

  • Start by launching the Chrome browser

  • Click on the Options tab

  • Go to settings 

  • Under the settings tab, find the appearance option.

  • Check whether the home page stings are linked with any web address of Bing

  • If yes, immediately delete the settings and choose new tab as the home page.Bing Halloween Quiz

  • In the options asking for the search engines used in the address bar, change if the settings are tuned to Bing. 

  • Further, you can manage the searches better by clicking on “Manage searches” button and setting the options accordingly.

The features found on the Bing homepage including many quizzes such as the Bing Halloween Quiz, which is occasional and direct links to resources about artists and music videos are simply awesome. However, if you are not comfortable with any of these and desire help against these, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to attend your questions and resolve them.