Bing Homepage Quiz

Bing has been in the good books of the users for not more than a decade. In recent times, it is widely used by for daily base searches and not lately, it has come up with many exciting and new features. They are particularly visible on the homepage. These features are comprised of direct links to the interesting music videos and some playable quizzes such as the Bing Homepage Quiz. These are relatively easy to play and enjoy. Moreover, each of these activities carries a set of rewards that are awarded to the winner. It is necessary to know something else about the Bing Homepage. These are some interesting facts about the homepage:

Bing Homepage Quiz

  • Characterized by beautiful wallpapers and associated gallery, this homepage stands apart due to the wonderful gallery.
  • This page keeps up with the latest searches ongoing in the trend
  • There are excellent images as the user’s wallpaper 
  • Easier access to Microsoft Outlook and online connectivity ensured with the Office 

These features of the Bing search engine can be accessed after setting bing as your default search engine. This can be done with different web browsers such as the Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

 Microsoft Edge 

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Click on the settings and more option from the upper right corner from the page of the browser 
  • Go to general settings and make sure that the toggle button is enabled at the homepage
  • Click on the Start page and change the desired homepage options 
  • Choose “A specific page” and type the web address of the search engine 
  • Finally, confirm your action by clicking on the Save button 

These are the homepage conversion instructions for Microsoft Edge browser.

Mozilla Firefox 

  • Open the Mozilla FireFox browser and click on the top right corner 
  • Click on the Options button
  • Select Home on the left side of the Browser
  • Now, in the New tabs and windows section, go to the alternative options drop-down list.
  • Select Custom URL and enter the address of the Bing search engine 
  • Now, Bing is set as your homepage 

Google Chrome 

  • First of all, open the Google Chrome browser and go to Customize and Control Google Chrome 
  • Click on settings and look for the appearance tab
  • Show Home button and custom the existing URL to enter the web address of the Bing search engine 
  • Make sure that your wobble button must be open to enable colored themes 
  • Now, you have homepage set as Bing and whenever you would open the browser, it would be displayed to you as the homepage. 

Polls, quizzes and games have been preferred by a lot of people surfing this search engine. This came out in the 2015 survey where people voted for polls and quizzes being the most loved content. Since then, the creators decided to transform the homepage hotspots into homepage trivia. The Bing Homepage Quiz  and other features are a great opportunity for those who love spending time in these activities. This is quite interesting because:

Bing Homepage Quiz

  • This is a good test for your knowledge about specific things
  • It gives an exposure to random things and events 
  • The Bing homepage is a home to exciting shopping deals, navigations and events 
  • It is a productive time-pass activity 
  • It is a great deal for the quiz addicts
  • It is directly linked to the accessing of Online Outlook account and management 
  • It is a great source of amazing wallpapers 
  • It keeps up with the trending searches 
  • It is an all in one option for better accessing 

These are some reasons why people Bing and what makes it worth setting as a default search engine. Now, what is the Bing Homepage quiz? How to play it and are there any rewards to enjoy it? The further discussion gives an insight into it. 

Terms and Conditions before playing the Bing Homepage Quiz 

There are no hard and fast rules that must be followed to play the Bing Homepage Quiz. Yet, there are certain terms and conditions that must be fulfilled for playing it. These terms and conditions are given below as:

  • The user must have a registered account with Microsoft.
  • In absence of the account, the user might or might not be able to play the quiz.
  • Since the rewards scheme is restricted to some countries, the user must not expect instantaneous rewards. 
  • So, play the quiz to test your knowledge and enjoy!

How to take Bing Homepage Quiz?

After the terms and conditions, comes the procedure. So, here are the ways to get access to the quiz and play it. There are two methods to start and play the quiz. For the first method, 

  • Make sure you have a registered Microsoft account 
  • Straightaway, go to the Microsoft Rewards homepage 
  • Find the “Show what you know” option
  • Click on that icon and you would be instantly  redirected to the Bing homepage quiz
  • Play the quiz as then you would be directly accessing the quiz page 

This was the instructional setup for playing the quiz with first method. Now, let’s see how can this quiz be played with the second method. These are the steps that need to be followed for playing the quiz with the second method:

  • You can have any browser in your system for this purpose namely, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • Reach out to Bing with the help of any of the above-mentioned web browsers in your system
  • Search for the Bing Homepage Quiz 
  • Now, you can play the Quiz after you have logged into or signed into your Microsoft account
  • If you are lucky enough and your region supports rewards, you can win Microsoft Reward points and enjoy purchases at the Microsoft Online store and avail great discounted coupons at branded shops. 

Prerequisites or preparations for the Quiz

Although it may seem that there might be a multitude of questions from diversified areas, there is no requirement of specific preparation to play this quiz. The main sections covered in this quiz include the questions out of the following topics:

  • The topics depend upon the contemporary events 
  • They mainly cover new and happenings from around the world
  • Music and art might be included in the questionnaire 
  • If there is any special occasion, the quiz can be focused on the theme concerned with that day.

So, this can be concluded that no specific preparations are required to try this quiz. Indeed, it is all about being tuned with the happenings around the world. So, next time you want to play this quiz, better be prepared with the contemporary happenings. 

Some better reasons to play the Bing Homepage Quiz

The purpose or reasons behind playing the Bing Homepage Quiz is not rocket science. Rather, it is a series of points that share the benefits of playing it. Go through the points describing why should one play this quiz:

  • There is an exposure to other games that you might like to play, such as Chess and others 
  • There are many more jigsaw puzzles 
  • Those who require directional assistance are provided an appropriate amount of it 
  • How can one forget the rewards, provided they are supported in the player’s region? These are great and can be redeemed for various uses either at the Microsoft online Store and other places, as mentioned above. 
  • You can take the quiz of the day before the present day without any problem 
  • It can be as old as belonging to the two days ago 
  • The Quiz doesn’t end here. At the end of the quiz, there are options asking “try more quiz”. Select any one of your choice and play.

Fix the “Bing Homepage Quiz not working” Error 


Bing Homepage Quiz

Bing is an excellent search engine with a wonderful home-page. The features other than the beautiful wallpapers make it worth keeping in the system. However, when there is a problem in the operation of the Bing Homepage quiz, no need to panic as there are some root causes that can be treated to get immediate results. They are often related to:

  • The user is unable to locate the quiz icon on his system 
  • The quiz does not open even after it launches 

Causes of the errors in the Bing Homepage 

There might be some known or unknown reasons that attribute to the errors in the Bing Homepage . The factors are:

  • The settings migth be disturbed in the important columns. 
  • There might be some common internet problems that need to be
    trouble shot soon. 

Resolution of the Bing Homepage Errors

The various errors can be resolved via the execution of these strategies. These are easier and executable by the user himself. These are given below:

  • Check out for the location settings by opening the bing settings 
  • Check out the preferences set in the region settings
  • On the Bing window, click on the icon of settings 
  • On expanding the option, you will find the option of region/country
  • Select it and set it as the USA 
  • Save it and confirm your command 
  • Finally, there would be no problem in accessing the Bing Homepage Quiz and other features.

Resolution through the Bing Homepage default settings 

In case you want to change the preference straightway in the Bing settings, you can do it by tapping the Bing window. For this purpose, you need to go to the Bing and following steps are required to be followed in order to carry this procedure ahead:

  • Open the Bing browser
  • You might find a link displaying,”Change your country/region” link 
  • There would be a long drop-down list of the regions 
  • From all the regions, make sure to select the “United States- English” as your selection 
  • On this action, Bing starts loading its homepage again 
  • Now, since the settings have been changed, you can easily access the Bing quizzes and also earn rewards 

Disable or get rid of the Bing search engine in Windows 10 

Bing Homepage Quiz

Bing is a great search engine. It provides direct access to the user’s Outlook account and helps in the efficient online management of the account. Yet, there can be a need to get it out of the system, due to a multitude of causes. The instructions that need to be followed to get rid of Bing search engine are being shared below:

  • Open the Windows 10 desktop page 
  • Click on the start option and find the search bar
  • In the search bar, type “Cortana”
  • Then, open the Cortana and Search settings 
  • There would be an option, “Cortana can give you suggestions, reminders, alerts and more”. Find the switch tab beneath it and turn it off. 
  • Then, find the “search online and find the web results” tab. Find and disable the switch button for this command also
  • Reboot your computer and these steps would work 
  • This way, you would be able to get rid of the Bing search engine from your system and disable all the incoming features.

This operation can also be performed by following the following steps, in case the previous method doesn’t work:

Bing Homepage Quiz

  • Open the Internet Explorer on your system and locate the gear icon  
  • Click on the “manage add-ons option”
  • See the left pane, click on the “search providers” option
  • Find the Name column, under which Bing is listed 
  • Right click on it and select remove from the options 
  • This way, bing would be removed from the search providers in your computer 

These were the provisional instructions, in case the above-mentioned options don’t work. So, there are a number of steps that can be tried for resolving the various errors and problems coming in the way of smooth functioning. Bing Homepage is a collection of many interesting quizzes and games. This was the one that was liked by most of the majority. However, if you don’t like it, you can remove the entire bing search engine from your PC. That would restore the initial settings and all the other provisions would be taken away. 

If you still find any problem persisting in the system, you can feel free to avail our support. We would be happy to solve most of your queries and help you. Feel free to contact us and report the cases of inconvenience.