Bing News Quiz

Sophistication’s have been a common part of every field that either interests humans or fulfilled any of their needs. The same holds for the search engines. It was during 2009 when Bing, a search engine by Microsoft, came into existence. This innovation was a change maker in the history as due to it’s sophisticated interface and user-oriented features. The main features of it included more than searches, that is it included various quizzes such as the Bing News Quiz, questionnaires and even daily updates. Well, Bing News is one of the features of Bing that helps in keeping up with the happenings around the world. This feature covers updates from various sections including:

  • The happenings in the US and  in the world around.

  • Entertainment sector is also covered in this feature .

  • This keeps in touch with the latest political events and technological inventions round the year.

  • With an insight into the opinions of great leaders around the world, this is enough to keep in touch with the world.

  • Apart from these common streams, crimes and other miscellaneous stories are also covered in this news.

bing news quiz

Bing News can be easily accessed via various tabs available once the homepage. There are several tabs arranged in a linear  fashion. Click upon any tab to read the full update of the news. 

Although news is not a unique feature accessible by any search engine, but the great feature here is the Bing News Quiz. This feature is available to every Bing user. Here is something important about the Bing News are:

  • This news column includes more than news as in events of global interest consisting of US presidential elections, award shows and Olympic sports.

  • Localized news that are dependent on the user’s location are also available.

  • Users can search the news of their interest in the search query available.

  • Moreover, the searches made by the user can be filtered and refined on the basis of the location or the preferred category.

  • This special service was incorporated in 2008 wherein the users could subscribe to the news category of their choice.

  • Twitter tweets feature was added to it in the year of 2011.

  • Bing news for mobile devices was made accessible in 2015 through smart-algorithm that introduced searches for specific and relevant fields.

  • The news could be accessed through different options available on the Bing search engine:

  • Through the toolbar: The feature of Bing news can be accessed upon the bing toolbar as an extension of Bing itself. 

  • Users can search for the images, videos and news of their requirement, using the search bar.

  • From the Desktop, bing users can look for news headlines and other desired features.

What is the Bing News Quiz?

Bing News quiz is the feature of the Bing weekly quizzes. It is a revolutionary initiative made by the creators after an increase of 65% visitors was seen after the introduction and implementation of new features. You can access it simply by visiting the  homepage of the Bing search engine.

bing news quiz

Reasons to play the Bing News Quiz

The need to get into the world of news needs no justification as there is a constant need of keeping up with the worldly happenings. Now, here is the justification to play the bing news quiz. Probably, due to these reasons, one must join this quiz:

  • This is a weekly occurrence like other Bing weekly quizzes.

  • This tests your knowledge with the events happening around the globe.

  • Through this, one can enhance the technical and social knowledge.

  • Like other games and quizzes, lucky players can win free rewards and prices.

  • The obvious rewards are the Microsoft reward points that can be redeemed for purchases from the Microsoft store and discounts.

Before playing this quiz, you need to make sure you fulfil the conditions given below:

  • You need to have a registered Microsoft account 

  • The settings need to be in English language.

  • Manage the location settings accordingly: since this quiz is available in the United States, better change the region settings to the US.

Now, after these conditions have been fulfilled, follow these steps to play the quiz:

  • Open the browser on your computer. However, having Microsoft edge on the system is preferable.

  • Search for the official website of Bing.

  • Log in to your registered Microsoft account.

  • The search window of Bing opens.

  • Type Bing quiz and the quiz would be right in front of you.

  • Answer the 7 questions and earn rewards.

These were the methods for playing if you do not have Bing as your default browser. If Bing is your default browser, you can play the quiz by simply executing the given steps:

  • Look for the bar on the bottom and reach the carousel.

  • Then a weekly quiz logo opens, click on it.

  • This will immediately open the Bing quiz.

  • You would be given 7 questions from various sectors such as entertainment, politics, technology and environment.

  • Try these questions and once you complete this quiz, your score will be displayed by Bing.

Apart from the Quiz, there is one more interesting feature that must be completed to play the quiz is the polls. Through this, you can review the current happenings. Once you click on the carousel, You would find 10 questions from various fields. Answer them and then proceed to play the quiz. These polls too, are an important part as they capture the hottest and trending issues ongoing around the globe and make you think your opinion. So, if you find any poll, just participate in it as it can help in playing the quiz too.

What makes this quiz worth playing?

Since the Bing News Quiz is related to the current happenings around the world, the obvious advantage is the exposure to the worldly happenings. In addition to these, this is of high use due to these points:

  • Statistics have indicated that after the introduction of these features, the visitors on the official website of Bing has seen a hike of about 65%.

  • These weekly quizzes enhance the involvement of people as they enjoy the various games and quizzes featured on the homepage on the weekly basis.

  • If you fulfil the conditions of the country/region settings, you would be fortunate to win Microsoft reward points.

  • you can redeem the points won and use them at the Microsoft Online store where you can make purchases and use it as discount coupons at some places.

bing news quiz

These were the instructions for playing this amazing quiz, called the Bing News Quiz. What if you could submit your own news website to Bing? Yes, that is possible. Before you submit your site, make sure your site follows the recommended rules and fulfils the criteria. Although it is easy to submit your news site, make sure that these conditions are followed before submission:

  • Your site must have a historical background, good introduction and a good credential.

  • Provide the credible ranking of the site, if it exists for then.

  • Mention the locale audience or the zip code of the place or you can describe the group of users.

  • Make it more readable by including the statistics and mathematical figures.

  • Make sure that your site must be providing news mostly.

  • If there is something else that is included in your site, make it convenient by directing the focus to the main news link.

Now, since the related terms and conditions have been explained, make sure you follow these rules. The submission of your news site to Bing is easily possible and can be done if you follow the steps given below:

  • Since you are submitting your news website to Bing, first get familiar with the Bing Webmaster guidelines.

  • Once the guidelines are clear, use the Bing webmaster tools to confirm the ownership of your website.

  • Now, you can submit your website to the Bing News PubHub for evaluation.

  • Most importantly, do not forget to provide the RSS link to the site.

  • You could also use a Bing Support Ticket to contact the support team and let them know what is your site about and which topics it covers. 

Resolving the “Bing News App crashing” error

Although Bing has been incorporated with many technically sophisticated features since the invention, there can be some possible sources that might cause a disruption in the working strategies and functioning. It might happen that despite all the settings being correct, there can be a problem in the working of the Bing News app. That might crash suddenly. To resolve this crashing error, some best tips and guidelines are enlisted here. Follow these steps to get rid of the crashing error:

  • Consider restarting or rebooting your computer: This might save your time and provide an instantaneous solution to any random problem.

  • Update the outdated components of the system: If the crucial components of your system are outdated, update them and keep up with the functionality. Proceed with the following steps for updating the programs:

  • Find the Windows icon on your Taskbar.

  • Go to the Start menu.

  • Find the gear icon and click on the “Update and Security” option. bing news quiz

  • The suggested updates would be available. If not, then check for the updates by clicking on check updates.

  • Go to the right side menu of the screen to find the gear icon.

  • Find the PC settings.

  • Select the Update and recovery option.

  • Click on Check Now.

  • The required updates would be looked for then.

  • Update your Microsoft store to ensure all the Microsoft applications working well.

  • Go to the start menu and click on the Microsoft store.

  • Select see more and get Updates and Downloads.

  • Select the Get updates option to get the Microsoft store updated.

  • Troubleshooting could be done through the troubleshooter application.

  • Visit the Microsoft Support website.

  • Download the troubleshooter from the website and resolve all the issues instantly.

  • There would be a wizard that will let you walk through the entire process.

  • Then, there would be a final report depicting the details of the procedure carried. bing news quiz

  • That report can be used for the further reference purpose.

  • This tool can be used for the resolutions of the other issues also.

  • You can use this Support website for resolution of other issues also.

  • Try Uninstalling and reinstalling the Bing News application.

  • Navigate to the control panel.

  • Open Programs and features on the programs option.

  • Find the Bing news app.

  • Uninstall the application. bing news quiz

  • Download the app and install it again.

  • Run a quick file check through the System file checker running.

  • Through windows key and X shortcut command, open select command prompt.

  • Type “sfc/scannow” and press enter.

  • That would run a file check of the entire system. bing news quiz

  • Check out the interface of your PC for the possible Malware attacks.

  • If you are using Windows 10 operating system,you can follow these steps to check for the malware attacks.

  • On the start menu, find the gear icon.

  • Find the Update and Security option and open Windows defender option.

  • Click the shield icon on the left pane.

  • On the Advanced scan, select the Full scan option.

  • This would invoke the scan of the system.

However, if you are using the Windows 8.1 version, you might require a different set of instructions. These are the steps that the users of the Windows 8.1 need to follow:

  • On the start menu, search for Windows Defender in the search area.

  • Click on the Update option and move to Home.

  • Out of all the scanning option displayed, select the Full scan option.

  • The use of the Windows Defender tool is enough to make the system free of most of the malware attacks.

So, these are the instructions that you can follow to check the error through which your Bing news application ceases to work and experiences failure. It is important to keep up with the application to enjoy the services of the Bing homepage and keep up with the global and international events. Moreover, playing the interesting quizzes such as the
Bing News Quiz is an easy way of testing knowledge and earning free rewards as well! So, play this quiz and in case of any query or problem, feel free to discuss the answers and solutions with us.