Bing Premier League Quiz

This decade has been seeing most of the revolutionary initiatives being implemented in almost every sector. The sector of communication has not been spared. Most of the web search is now available with user-friendly content. What makes it more excellent is the availability and addition of brand new features that automatically capture probable requirements of the user. Bing, the search engine developed by Microsoft giant is one of such initiatives. Originally, developed for merely web searches, it is one of the most sought-after search engines. Once you open the bing homepage, you can see a number of features such as the Bing Premier League Quiz. This is one of the most common features that are incorporated in Bing lately. 

Features of the Bing Premier League Quiz

Bing Pemier League Quiz

  • This is a part of the Bing Weekly Quiz that pops up on the Bing homepage at the interval of every week
  • This quiz covers most of the questions from the sports section 
  • It is a source of revision of sports knowledge and updates about the world 
  • This Quiz can be taken on any device and thus adds to the portability
  • This quiz is an addition that came into existence when the prior features were succesful in bringing the crowd or more visitors to the official site of Bing
  • This feature is one of the most loved feature and is enjoyed by almost every second prson in the US 
  • This is completely dedicated to Soccer and hence, almost every other person loves it 

Moreover, this quiz is quite convenient to be taken in any of the devices namely the PCs, laptops and mobile phones. This can be played on the systems with any browser but it would be the best option to access the quiz with Microsoft Edge application. However, for using these quizzes on other browsers, they must first have Bing as their default search engine. Here is a description of rules that need to be followed to set Bing as default search engine.

Set Bing as default search engine on Google Chrome 


Bing Premier League Quiz

Bing and Google Chrome, both are popularly used platforms for the purpose of information retrieval and accessing. However, sometimes setting one search engine as the default one on the other browser becomes necessary. Same holds for the accessing of extraordinary features of Bing. This shows that you can enjoy all the features of the Bing homepage, irrespective of the browser you are, now you can enjoy this game on any of your device. Just follow these steps and make sure you enjoy this game and you can share it with your friends. To access them on Chrome, users need to follow some steps. Those steps are given below:

  • Open Google Chrome on your system and click settings, available next to the profile picture on the three vertical dots icon
  • Scroll down and find the search engine option 
  • Click the Manage search engines option 
  • Add Bing as the search engine by clicking on the add button. In case of query, add the complete URL of the website you wish to add
  • Click on the three vertical dots next to the search engine you want to make default and then select Make Default.
  • Now, your default search engine is set as Bing and you would be accessing all the features of the homepage.

Set Bing as default search engine in Microsoft Edge 

As it has been already discussed that accessing Bing features is more easier and an improved experience on Microsoft Edge, making Bing the default search Engine would make it more easier and enjoyable. You can make sure you enjoy this experience in the best manner by following these steps:

  • Go to settings application, from where you can manage all your preferences 
  • Go to “Advanced settings” and tap Change the search provider option
  • Once you feed Bing in this option and set it as default, confirm your action by selecting the set as Default option 

Set Bing as homepage in Mozilla Firefox 

Bing Premier League Quiz

Now, if you have Mozilla Firefox as your browser, then you can still set Bing as your homepage and enjoy the features. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  • Locate the profile picture and find three vertical dots next to it
  • Click on Options and select search
  • From the drop-down menu, select Default search engine 
  • You can then search for Bing in the list that asks you about more search engines and then add it to the list, using the Add to firefox option 

Set Bing as default search engine in Safari web browser 

  • Open the Safari browser page on your computer 
  • Open the Safari menu and select preferences 
  • There would be a drop down menu, listing the various search engines and you can select any of them as the default search engine

Now that the default search engines have been changed to Bing, users of any browser can enjoy the excellent features being presented on the Bing homepage, including the Bing Premier League Quiz.

Bing Premier League Quiz


Terms and Conditions for playing the Bing Premier League Quiz 


Now, there are some terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled before finally accessing the features. These terms and conditions are:

  • First of all, you need to have a registered account with Microsoft 
  • It would be an excellent experience accessing these features on the Microsoft Edge browser. However, it is good on other browser too. It is all about being set as the default search engine.
  • Since, these games and quizzes featured on the Bing homepage are accessible in the geographical location of the US, you can manually change the settings in the region column by following these steps:
  • Open Bing search engine page on your system 
  • On the Bing homepage, click on the three vertical lines option on the top right corner of the homepage 
  • The main menu opens and select settings from it 
  • The list expands and there would be an option for the region/country settings 
  • A new Bing settings page opens and there you can change the preferences 
  • A list of many regions with the languages opens up
  • Select United States- English and your regional settings have been changed 

Advantages of playing the Bing Premier League Quiz

Now, the criteria for enjoying the Bing quizzes and games have been fulfilled. Now, let’s know what would be the reward of playing all these features games and quizzes. These are some of the advantages of playing these featured quizzes and games:

  • Bing homepage provides access to many enjoyable features such as the Bing News, images, videos and quizzes such as the Bing Premier League Quiz
  • These provide just more than searching and surfing
  • The quizzes are a simultaneous source of entertainment as well as knowledge 
  • Lucky winners of these games are provided rewards in the form of Microsoft Rewards points 
  • These points can be redeemed and you can make direct purchases from the Microsoft Online Store 
  • Moreover, besides the online purchase from the authorized store, these coupons can be redeemed for bring used in the branded places for discounts namely Starbucks and others
  • These rewards can be converted into real money 
  • Since, this quiz is popular in The US, go to carousel option on the bottom of the screen and answer the 10 questions that would open up as soon you click on it 
  • Now, if you have well-read the news of the past week, you can win reward points and use them as discount coupons

What should you know for playing the Bing Premier League Quiz?

After all the discussion of the criteria, rewards and prerequisites, now is the turn to know what kind of questions are asked in the premier league quiz. The questions are mainly from the sports sector. Most of the times, the users are asked about the Soccer game. The players or the users in this game are asked about the various rules, regulations and norms of the Soccer game. That’s why this is also known as the Bing Soccer League/ Bing Soccer Quiz. 

Advantages of using Bing with Microsoft Edge

Now, your default search engine is set as Bing. The best part with Bing as default search engine in Microsoft Edge is explained in the following points:

  • This combination provides a unique experience of accessing the best features 
  • There are direct links to the Microsoft Windows 10 applications 
  • There are instant answers to the questions about Windows 10
  • Cortana is there to suggest you best tips, alerts and reminders

    Bing Premier League Quiz

How to play the Bing Premier League Quiz?

This is probably the most important part of the discussion made so far. Since it deals with an interesting feature of the Bing search engine homepage, now let;s know about how to get access to it and start playing it. So, after you have ensured you fulfil all the criteria, you now need to follow these steps to play this game:

  • The first thing required to play this is a system with either Bing set as the default search engine (as per the discussion made above) or simply, it can be accessed with any of the devices including laptops, PCs and mobiles 
  • The best recommended browser to access this feature is the Microsoft Edge browser, although it is fine with all other browser too
  • You need to open the homepage of Bing directly (default search engine) or visit the official website to access its homepage
  • There would be a search box 
  • Type “Bing Soccer Quiz” or Bing Premier League Quiz and start playing the quiz/ league immediately 
  • You can win rewards after you complete the task and add to your knowledge 

Instructions for disabling the Bing Premier League Quiz 

The Bing Premier League Quiz and other features can be interesting for some while for many, it can be disinteresting, No worries, there are solutions for those who do not want it to continue. The basic requirement to continue with it to disable the Bing browser itself. You can do it in all the browsers on your system via these steps. The steps might slightly differ from the various others. 

Windows 10

  • If you are using Windows 10, these tips would be useful to you and you would be successful in the removal of Bing from your system. 
  • Go to the Start menu 
  • In the search bar, type Cortana 
  • Then, click on Cortana and search settings 
  • There would be a switch button beneath it 
  • Switch it off and the suggestions from the Cortana would be turned off 
  • Similarly, do it for the search online and include web results option 

Google Chrome

  • Click on the settings application 
  • Go to manage search engines option 
  • Now, go to default search engine 
  • Click on the three dots located to the right of the Bing search engine 
  • Get out of the system by clicking on the Remove from list option 
  • Go to n”on startup” page in settings 
  • Remove the Bing page from there too

Microsoft Edge 

  • Open the Bing search engine results displaying page 
  • Go to settings and choose advanced settings 
  • Select Change service provider option 
  • Select set as default option 

Bing Premier League Quiz
Now, Bing is best used with a system carrying windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser. However, despite of the Bing Homepage giving access to awesome features namely the
Bing Premier League Quiz, various games and quizzes, it might not be likely to engage everyone. For them, the tips to get rid of this search engine have been explained above. Bing is one of the best search engines developed so far. This is best visible by the statistics that shows the hike in the number of visitors enjoying the newly added features and games. Stay in touch with these features and win reward points to redeem and enjoy them.