Bing Wanderlust Quiz

Bing has been serving number of people for a decade. It’s homepage is a destination for the users to access the happenings around the world, read the news, know about your favorite celebrities and everything else. You can simply know how to get across the various categories easily. you can play from various categories which includes Cultural, meditation etc. you can play Bing Meditation quiz to learn hidden aspects about meditation.  If you love travelling, then you are going to love this Bing Wanderlust Quiz. You are going to get into the wanderlust of places and get to test your knowledge about the places you would love to go and explore various unseen places. The below-mentioned write-up describes about the need to play this quiz and what makes it exciting. 

What are the prerequisites to play the Bing Wanderlust Quiz?

Bing Wanderlust Quiz

The prerequisites to play the  Bing Wanderlust Quiz are nothing but some things that you might need to get into the game. They are something you might need to play the game:

  • The first thing you need is to have an account that is registered with Microsoft. Get an account if you don’t have an already existing one. 
  • After you have got an account with Microsoft, you need to have Bing as your default search engine. 
  • You need to have some knowledge about the places if you want to win the quiz. No worries if you don’t have prior knowledge but having would be a perk as you would be able to know more about the places.

How to play the Bing Wanderlust Quiz?

Bing Wanderlust Quiz

You can participate in this Bing Wanderlust quiz and let you know about the exposure and knowledge you have about the various places. These are some simple instructions that you need to follow in order to access and unlock the various places question-naire:

  • As described in the above excerpt of the write up, you need to make sure you have an account registered with Microsoft to store the rewards in case you win.
  • Get a new account for yourself if you don’t have one.
  • Go to the search bar of any browser and search for Bing Wanderlust Quiz.  
  • It would be better if you have the Bing as your default engine on your system. However,it is fine to get these quizzes on any browser as long as you don’t want to access some other features of the search engine.  
  • There would be some 3-5 questions in which you might be asked about some places on the earth and other sites.
  • Attempt the answers to the questions and if you get some questions right, then you are all set to win the reward points.

With the help of these instructions, you can play the Bing Wanderlust Quiz. As for as the rewards are concerned, there are more benefits of playing these games. These benefits have been mentioned in the except given below.

Reasons for playing the Bing Wanderlust Quiz 

Bing Wanderlust Quiz

Most of the quizzes featured on the Bing homepage are for fun. But there are more reasons for playing these trivia. There are some reasons as to why must someone really play these quizzes. These points are demonstrating the need to play them are:

  • You can test your skills and expand your knowledge about the world. For playing these games, you need not be a master; in fact you are at the right place if you want to know more about this field.
  • Although you can answer the questions to get rewarded with certain points that can be stored in your registered Microsoft account, yet you can win these points and redeem them for the uses in the later stages. 
  • The best part is that with the help of these points, you can get your favorite movies, games and other stuff. Keep playing, testing, learning and earning.
  • Sharing these quizzes and games with your contacts, acquaintances and friends over your social media network can fetch you these reward points too.
  • Bing provides more to the users besides the quizzes,trivia questions and fun facts. There are some other things that you can play and share in order to get rewards namely the games like matching cards, sliding tiles, crossword or sudoku.
  • It would not be a headache if you don’t previously know how to play these games. You can enjoy these games with step by step guidance of the experts provided to the interested players.
  • As it has been mentioned in the previous wrote up that you need to have a registered Microsoft account, it is not necessary. You only need it when you want to access all the other features or want the rewards in your account.
  • Overall, it could be a fun to play these games and enjoy. Since it brings the rewards and  knowledge, you can enjoy them along with your friends.

    Bing Wanderlust Quiz

These are some perks of playing the Bing Wanderlust Quiz. They are almost the same as other quizzes in Bing. The thing that varies is the category. play the Bing Scary Movie Quiz if you love reading or watching horror movies. You can select different categories to deal with and learn. You can also get your friends and acquaintances involved in these games by sharing them these games.