Windows Blickpunkt Quiz

Windows Blickpunkt Quiz is one of the best quizzes that is played on the Bing Homepage. It is one of those quizzes and games that constitute an important part of the homepage. Besides the Windows Spotlight Quiz and others, the Windows Blickpunkt Quiz is a great game to play. These features add to the utility of the Bing Homepage and are quite easily accessible to the users. Although there are certain restrictions to them, they can be accessed after modifying the settings and functioning in your computer. The excerpts given below discuss about the procedure, advantages of playing this quiz and what one can get if he or she wins the quiz.

How to participate in the Windows Blickpunkt Quiz?

Windows Blickpunt Quiz

It is really exciting to have something with which you can test your skills and awareness. This quiz tests your viewpoint that’s why it is known as the Windows Viewpoint Quiz. You can participate in the Windows Blickpunkt Quiz with the help of some simple and executable instructions. Keep in mind these things before participating in the quiz:

  • Go to the Lock screen of your computer. For that purpose, there must be appropriate settings in your system to get the lock screen.
  • Find the link that says, “Play the Windows Blickpunkt Quiz” as the homepage would be full of many beautiful features. 
  • You need to perform a login to your computer as the prompt would require a browser to login.
  • If you have Microsoft Edge installed as browser on your computer, this is one of the best things that might happen as the Bing homepage  works best with Bing.
  • The Quiz will pop up on any browser with a few questions. 
  • You have to answer them by selecting the correct option amongst the various options listed in the array.
  • The results will be displayed soon after the quiz finishes. 
  • The best part of this quiz is that you can Microsoft reward points and use them for getting discounts and prices at branded destinations and brands like Starbucks and others. 

It is therefore a fun to play the Windows Blickpunkt Quiz or the Windows Viewpoint Quiz and other quizzes like Bing Art Quiz, Bing Meditation Quiz and many more that are featured on the Bing homepage.

How to avail the Microsoft Reward points?

Windows BlickPunkt Quiz

So now you have answered all the questions are quite lucky to get the reward points.There are some things that you need to keep in mind before availing the reward points. Right from the registered account to everything else is an important requirement, if you want to redeem reward points. These are the things that you need to keep in mind:

  • The first thing you need is an account registered with Microsoft. Get one to play the quiz and access all the other features including the Windows Blickpunkt Quiz.
  • These reward points can be redeemed only if you have answered the questions correctly. Answering the questions wrong will do no harm but points can be availed only with right answers. 
  • These points are restricted to some regions like the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Netherlands, Brazil, Republic of Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Spain. 
  • For those who live in the above-mentioned regions, one can easily get the rewards using the above-mentioned conditions and answering the questions correctly.

If you want the reward points badly and your region is not supporting it, the don’t worry. You can change the region settings and still avail the feature. This would enable each and every feature to work in your system with convenience. 

How to redeem the Microsoft Reward Points?

After you have played the quiz well and answered the questions correctly in addition to the terms and conditions, you are now one lucky winner having a store of reward points in your registered Microsoft account. This is how you can redeem the points:

  • Go to your registered Microsoft account and locate the rewards.
  • There might be an option right next to the rewards asking you to redeem.
  • Click on the Redeem option and you can follow the onscreen instructions to redeem the points.
    Windows Blickpunkt quiz

Redeeming points means activating the points you have won for their uses in the place of cash at some places. Now, you can have many benefits. These benefits have been discussed in the excerpts given below. 

What to do with the Microsoft Reward points?

Windows blickpunkt Quiz

After you have redeemed the points, you need to know what us can you put them to. The instructions for using the microsoft reward points are given below. All you need to know is how and where you can use these points. So, this is an accumulation of the things you can do with your reward points:

  • The first destination where you can use those rewards you won is the Microsoft store itself. You can purchase the desired product from the online Microsoft store with the help of the rewards won. 
  • You can go for some discount coupons once after redeeming the entire rewards in your account.
  • You can get access to many gifts and sweepstakes entries.
  • If you love charity, you can donate these points to some non-profit organisations. 
  • You can shop for some games, movies and applications that too without spending a dime from your pockets.
  • You can earn these points even with the searches you perform on Bing. However, it comes with some specific ones once you have applied for the rewards on Bing.

These are some things that you can do when you get lucky enough to win the reward points and make them accumulate in your account. There are many more advantages of playing this quiz besides the rewards. You can test your knowledge and skills about a particular thing. 

Bing Homepage Quiz

With these features and quizzes, Bing is one of the best search engines that provides features beyond search. News, Entertainment and everything else can be known if you use Bing. So. get ready to use Bing and enjoy all the features like a pro. Test and master your skills with the help of these simple quizzes.